The Difference Between A Real Seo And A Designer Who “Does” Seo

A post came up recently in one of the SEO forums I frequent, where a business owner said his website designer — without his knowledge, apparently intending this to be a “bonus service” — had starting “doing SEO stuff” on his site.

What brought this to the site owner’s attention was some unusual activity in the log files. When the owner asked, the designer told him this was just the person who was “helping” with the SEO doing some things to “push the numbers.” According to the site owner, the designer was vague about the details of this so-called “number-pushing” or what exactly had been done to the site for this alleged SEO work. Understandably, the site owner was concerned.

Quite rightly, the forum members advised this business owner to go back to the designer and get the details of what, specifically had been done and was planned to do — and if there was anything in there that sounded “fishy,” to insist that it be undone, pronto.

For whatever reason, a lot of website designers, copywriters and programmers lately seem to have decided to start offering “SEO services” as part of their packages. I’m sure most of them mean well, and I’m sure few of them set out with the intention of causing harm to their client’s sites

However, there’s a big difference between somebody who “does SEO” and somebody who’s spent the time it take to learn how to do SEO right. And a lot of damage can be done — however inadvertently — by someone whose primary expertise is design or writing or programming or marketing or whatever and who hasn’t taken the time to learn the ins-and-outs of effective, ethical search engine optimization.

Many search engine optimization professionals started out in design, copywriting or programming. This in itself isn’t necessarily a red flag. But whoever you have “doing SEO” on your site should be able to explain, clearly and in plain language, what they’ve done and what they’re planning to do to promote your site’s pages.

If they can’t (or won’t), keep looking until you find an SEO professional who will.

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