Day: July 22, 2020

5 Serious Consequences Of A Bad Logo Design On Start Ups

A logo is the first pillar of any brand building campaign. It helps your potential clients and customers to remember your brand. But, only if it has a certain few qualities, otherwise it is just a pretty picture that no one bothers to do anything with.

Uniqueness, attractiveness and effectiveness are the most important qualities of a logo design. It has to be unique as it is your brand / business identity. It should be something good to look at, and it should have some smart idea behind it that would make people curious about it. It should communicate the message which the designer intended to deliver as effectively as possible.

What happens if a logo design doesn’t do all that? Well then it is a bad logo design. If you are a well established financially strong business you can probably undo the damage by spending more on further re-branding and redesigning a perfect logo. However, if you are a startup then there are some serious consequences of a bad logo design that you must watch for.

  1.  Brand Distortion
    A bad logo design distorts the image of your business or brand by misrepresenting it. Viewers unable to understand it would assume whatever they wanted with your logo design. Hence your brand image in their minds is distorted and you can’t help fix it.
  2.  Negative Impact
    There is nothing worse than a logo design that communicates a wrong message, something negative or evil, like racism for example, or promoting hatred or something. Of course you didn’t want to do that on purpose, but it happened and your brand image is not only distorted and disliked, sometimes people can be brutal and they might even start hating you just because you had a bad logo design.
  3.  Silent Damage
    Sometimes businesses and organizations do not even realize that they have a bad logo design which is not helping them at all. They keep using it meanwhile worrying why their promotional efforts are not paying off. This damage continues to grow until the cause is identified, but surprisingly not many businesses pay attention to their own logo and how it might be causing them the cold response.
  4.  Redesign Costs
    As a start-up, a new business, or an established small business you might have limited budget to spend on branding and marketing. Getting your logo redesigned is just an unwanted experience which would increase your promotional budget and since you had a bad experience with a cheap logo designer this time you might consider hiring someone a little more fancy, which will cost you even more.
  5.  Rebranding Costs
    As soon as you got your logo you may have gotten it printed on your business cards, your brochures or banners, posters, mugs or whatever approach you use to promote your brand. Redoing your logo design would not only cost you designer fee, it would also cost you a lot more when you start using new and improved logo on your promotional stuff. The added cost would become too high if you had already spent too much on marketing with your previous but horrible logo.

As a start-up you can avoid all this trouble by making smart choices right from the beginning. Spend some time on researching topics like design, business logo, and branding. An intelligent logo can boost your start-up’s brand image, get one in the beginning and then build your business empire on it.