Day: January 21, 2020

Content Marketing Predictions For 2020

Content marketing has been on the rise during the last years and is living up to its “King” title like there is no tomorrow. As more and more resources are being invested into content marketing, the ROI is getting harder and harder to justify.

The global market’s demands are increasing by an enormous pace and marketers strive to keep up with it, or even get one step ahead. While 2019 was the year of videos and visuals, 2020 is going to be much more than that. The stakes are as high as ever, since every business out there knows that content is the key to success nowadays, and will do everything to come out ahead.

As the dust settles after 2019, a tons of opportunities will be presented to businesses trying to outsmart their competition. Here is a list of content marketing predictions for 2020.

Content will be at the heart of every marketing strategy

This is a line that has been preached for a quite some time now, but never fully utilized by businesses. 2020 is the year when brands and companies will truly appreciate the value that outstanding content delivers and put it at the very core of every campaign and strategy, which will fuel every marketing channel, every day, all the time.

Ad block will open up new doors for marketers

More and more people are using ad blocks on every website they surf, just to make sure that they don’t get disturbed by ads and not lose precious time. As the value of ads continues to go down, many marketers will shift the budget dedicated to advertising towards content, behavioral marketing, native advertising and generally, more towards stuff that flows in the same direction as consumer behavior, preferences and needs.

The metric we focus on today will shift

Over the last year, marketers concentrated firmly on customer engagement metrics, leaving aside stuff like page views and visits. This year another major shift awaits us. Conversions will become the new king among the metrics that you need to keep track of. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to increase ROI and being able to track conversions in multiple ways (email sign ups, eBook downloads, etc.) will be the key to success.

Video will become the new mainstream

Regardless if it’s YouTube, Facebook, Vine or any other platform, video content is destined to become the new mainstream. This has a lot to do with mobile internet usage surpassing desktop, and consumers watching more and more videos on mobile every day. Just as you can’t get along without mobile anymore, you won’t be able to achieve much without video.

“Living” content

Written word and visual is still a huge part of any content marketing strategy, but just as videos became insanely popular during last year (and will continue their dominance), the idea of “living” content will start to mature. Interactive campaigns and virtual reality is what I am talking about. Consumers will spend more time and actually have fun while engaging with their favorite (or new) brands.

Content has already taken over the world and there is little that marketers can do about it. In any case, all the markets are driven by consumers: whatever they wish for should be granted to them, or else companies risk total disaster. 2020 promises to be a very tough year content-wise and I advise everybody to buckle up and be ready for it.

Charles Dearing is a writer who runs his own blog and also an experienced digital marketer. Charles writes for patientSites, and you can find his articles on different business and marketing blogs around the web.