Year: 2020

Earn Better Returns With Perfect Seo Strategies

Earn handsome profits in your online business by hiring a proper SEO company which works to improve your online image. One need to be extremely cautious while selecting an SEO provider who is capable of enhancing your internet traffic. Picking the one who follows bad techniques owe a negative impact on your online image and it is a must to know more before you hire them to enhance your online image.

There are several online companies that stand as your competitors in the market and to overcome the touch competition in the market one need to owe a great image. Earning a unique and an impressive image to your website becomes easy when you identify a genuine Boston SEO Company. Before you hire a service provider do a thorough research as there are numerous companies that are ready to offer SEO services. With a rapid increase in people using the internet business entrepreneurs started their business sites. And to reach a better position they require a special image and SEO companies are dedicated in enhancing the internet traffic. When you are in search of such a company then start searching over the internet as you get several genuine and reputed providers.

  • Check the website of the SEO Boston service provider as you get a better idea along with a complete information regarding all the services. Apart from getting an idea regarding the services you can even gain some confidence in their work by witnessing the previous projects.
  • Visit the portal and check each and every section very carefully as they are the expert professionals who are capable of changing your online image. Don’t choose the one after seeing the high price as expensive services doesn’t mean that they maintain a superior quality.
  • Just go through the completed projects and verify whether they offer quality services or not. Search for the previous experience of the service provider as it is an ideal way to know about their experiences and successful projects.
  • Before hiring the provider who offers Boston SEO service see that the provider manages all the work within the committed deadline. Getting work with a great delay is of no use as the quality content is to be updated according to the season.
  • Following the present trend ruling the market is always advisable as this becomes an easy method to win the heart of people. Grabbing the attention of people with quality content is one best way to earn handful profits and the companies can easily market the services and products.
  • The most crucial thing is to know more about the SEO techniques that play a major role in offering better internet traffic. Also see that you hire one genuine provider who offers exceptional services that improves your image within no time.

To get a better idea regarding the SEO techniques and services just explore so that you can easily take a good decision that helps in gaining a better image.

5 Principles Of A Good Website

Nowadays, all business owners know that a good website is essential to a business’s success. Remaining offline will limit your sales and reach, and a barely functioning or passable website will only frustrate customers, making them turn to your competitors instead. Spending money on a well-functioning, aesthetically pleasing website will bring a return on your investment (ROI). There are more pros to cons for being online. Here are the five principles of a good website.


Websites must always be catered to the needs of your customers. If you’re selling a service or product, make sure the layout shows both relevant information and a clear image of the product. Ensure all your webpages serve a purpose: your ‘about’ page should share information on your company; ‘services’ detail what services you can offer (same goes for your ‘products’ page); and your ‘blog’ page will take you to a blog filled with content pertinent to your company’s industry.


Easy-to-read font, neutral, contemporary color palettes images and clean layouts all create great harmony, and is pleasing to your customer’s eye. Vibrant colors should be delegated to for use on buttons for calls to action, whilst the white space between images is modern and declutters your website. To further balance your website, place your content and images in grid-like boxes.

Design preferences change year after year; therefore, you may have to change and improve your website as certain trends or innovative technologies arise. 2017 brought VR, AI-powered bots, authentic photography (no more stock photos), and minimalistic designed websites.


Your website needs to be up and running 24/7. If your services and products have the potential to be sold globally, then you’ll need your website to be available for all time zones. To increase your website’s uptime, hire a reputable hosting company such as Umbee Hosting, which can also offer data integration and 24/7 support, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Multiple Devices

Your website needs to be mobile and tablet friendly. Smartphones overtook laptops and desktops in 2016, with 4G changing the way we shop, bank, watch TV and communicate. A one size fits all approach to your website will only frustrate your customers, and if they’re unable to navigate a website on their mobile phones, they’re not going to wait until they have a laptop at hand. Instead, they’ll find a competitor whose website loads and can be easily used on their smartphone.

Domain Name

Your domain name must be catchy, short, and informative. It must be relevant, so people who see it know exactly what you’re selling. If you have a long domain name, or one which is confusing to decipher, people won’t remember your company. Sometimes it’s best to keep your domain short and sweet. Examples are:,, and They’re concise, decipherable, and reputable.

Make sure your domain name is easy to type and remember. Keep it short, and include your company’s name and a keyword relevant to your business; make sure to avoid numbers and hyphens as these additions make your domain name seem amateurish.

Creating an effective website can be costly, and, of course, there are ways to lessen your spending. A website doesn’t have to cost your company the world, however, you must ensure that you’re spending enough to get good quality. If you’re struggling, hire a website designer and tell them exactly what you want. Keep these five principles in mind.

Does Your Business Need The Services Of A Digital Ad Agency?

Your digital presence is the life’s blood of your business in today’s marketplace whether you understand it or not. Unfortunately, most small businesses trying to make their presence felt on the World Wide Web do not understand the digital marketplace and it’s hurting their businesses – in a really big way.

Don’t let this happen to you. Secure the services of a digital ad agency that specializes in helping businesses grow their brands online and see what a difference it can make for you. Here are a few of the important roles a highly qualified agency can play for the sake of your brand building efforts on the World Wide Web.

Prepare Your Site for Mobile Traffic

For most businesses this means creating a mobile website for the business. Mobile sites do not function in quite the same way as traditional websites. With more and more people using tablet devices and smartphones to access the Internet, it is becoming more important for businesses to have a substantial and satisfying web presence on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, many of the businesses that need to now embrace mobile marketing have barely scratched the surface of traditional Internet marketing. This is why a digital ad agency is necessary. They can help you bring your business into the new age of the Internet so that you’re not left behind.

Mobile traffic now accounts for 21 percent of all web traffic and those numbers are expected to rise even more in coming years. You need to make sure your business is ready and agencies that specialize in this type of traffic can help.

Build a Better Social Network Presence for Your Business

You may have joined Twitter and Facebook. You may even have a business blog. But, if you’re not taking advantage of all the social networking opportunities available to you then you’re giving your competitors an opportunity to pass your business by.

Social networks that matter for your business today include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Periscope
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Snap Chat

Then there are sure to be new and upcoming social networks to embrace. Pinterest is still fairly new and Periscope is something few people had heard of as little as a year ago. It’s important to stay on top of the changes taking place and how they can affect your business in a positive way. Marketing experts from a digital advertising agency can help you remain “in the know.”

Perhaps the best thing about digital agencies is that they live in the digital world. They’ve devoted a great deal of attention making contacts and connections and learning the ropes so that you don’t have to. They can take care of these vital tasks on your behalf so that you’re free to sit back and watch the results in action.

Marketing online can be one of the most confusing things modern businesses deal with. That’s why it’s so important to make connections with professionals who understand the ins and outs of online marketing and that you can trust to handle these tasks for you.

Link Building Strategy For Business: “Who” Vs. “How Many”

If you’re a small business owner who’s spent any time investigating search engine optimization for your business, you’ve probably given some thought to the question, “How do I get links?”

In the old world of search engine optimization, it was a pure down-and-dirty numbers game. The more links in cyberspace pointed toward your web site, the more money you made.

As one can imagine, this didn’t last long. Black hat SEO companies invented a host of dirty tricks to artificially inflate the rankings of low-quality web sites by spraying links all over the internet. Common techniques included things like posting irrelevant comments on blogs and spinning large numbers of keyword-stuffed articles containing links back to the target sites.

The recent Google Farmer update was designed to directly attack this problem, but these link-building tricks have been declining in effectiveness for quite some time now. Why? It’s just common sense. If you fight against the course of nature, you’re bound to lose eventually. If your strategy for winning new customers is to trick them into walking into your store, you might get a few sales this way, but it’s a flimsy strategy at best.

To name two recent examples, retailers Overstock and JcPenney took a recent hit in the rankings over some questionable linking tactics employed by their (now fired) SEO firms.

It’s no different than paying someone to pretend to be your #1 fan. It might work for a little while, but it’s going to be embarrassing if you get caught.

How does one go about building honest-to-goodness links that generate real business results over the long haul? The same way you do it offline in the brick and mortar world. Build relationships with real people by giving value first. When you think in terms of building linking relationships, the entire game changes. Instead of thinking about how you can get 200 links from different blogs, think about what it would take to build a value relationship with a close handful of other online business owners with solid reputations.

What would happen in your business if online community leaders enthusiastically recommended your products and services to people who trusted their opinions? I assert that you’d never have to ask how to “get links” again.

5 Useless Seo Methods That Should Stay In 2020

Search engines are continually changing, and your SEO methods need to change accordingly. In this article, we’re going to take a look at five useless SEO methods that should stay in 2020 and what you should do instead.

Using the Same Description for Every Page

Templates for your product pages and the exact same home page save for the location information need to go. While the templates for product data may be perfectly search engine optimized for the key terms for that product, the repetition may lead to a duplication penalty. Fortunately, you only have to be fifty percent different to avoid receiving the duplicate content penalty. The advantage of leveraging this is that you only have to moderate half of your product directory information to avoid a duplication penalty. You can achieve this not just by spinning the content, but by adding additional information to a few sections or re-ordering bullet lists. However, you should never change your basic product directory structure itself, since this makes it harder for customers to compare products and find information.

Focusing Too Much on Keyword Density

Keywords in the content matter, but repetition beyond 1% or 2% becomes counterproductive, especially if it is already used in headers and tags. To improve latent semantic indexing and reduce keyword stuffing penalties, use variations of the term aside from the plural version. One of the most important things you can do is put the keyword in the first paragraph of the content, ideally in the first 100 words.

Fortunately, there are many other places you can use key search terms and boost your SEO. The title of the page is the best place to put a keyword. This confirms to the reader that the content is related to their search, and search engines give keywords in the title extra weight compared to repeating the key term in the content.

When you create a heading, use the H1 tag. The H1 tag and title should both contain the key term to dominate search engine results for the search tag. Heading 2 tags are less useful. As you move on to the next headings, their impact drops down to nothing.

You can also bold keywords to increase their ability to be noticed by both users and search engines. This is a new feature from Google that first showed up in tests in 2020. You can also italicize words to get them noticed by the search engines. Conversely, this means you shouldn’t italicize large sections of text in an effort to suggest you’re thinking or whispering to the audience.

You can use keywords in the ALT image tag. This is an ideal place to improve local SEO, such as describing the location the image was taken.

If you cannot afford an SEO expert, make one small change like improving the keyword in a title or altering a sentence so that the keyword sounds more natural. Then study your metrics for two weeks and see if it results in more traffic and/or conversions. This is more time consuming than the detailed A/B testing SEO professionals do, but it lets you test how altering titles, tags and content in small ways improves content. Then you know exactly what helps or hurts the page – and you know how to undo it if it hurts your SEO.

However, you should consider the cost of an SEO expert a worthwhile investment in your business due to the increased sales you’ll see. Read reviews about them to understand what their customers think of them, instead of relying on a general web search that most of them will rank well in. For example, read what people say about the HOTH to see how much better they are than their competitors.

Choosing a Search Engine Optimized Domain Name and Assuming That’s Enough

Keywords in the domain name itself matter less to your SEO than they used to. However, you need a domain name that is easy to remember, and ideally related to your brand, product or company. If your brand name is your domain name such that it has instant recognition by anyone who sees it, don’t change it. If you have used the same domain name for ages and receive massive organic traffic from various shared links and social media references, do not change your domain. It will take months of work by an SEO professional or years of work otherwise to get the same search engine optimization from organic link sharing and consumer education you have today.

An exact match domain isn’t a strong ranking signal anymore according to Moz. This means you shouldn’t compete for domains. One caveat is if it is very memorable or your brand name, seize it, because its marketing value is worth far more than its SEO value. If you’re doing affiliate marketing, then a keyword based domain may be useful in helping your site stand out compared to “Affiliate Seller 1” and “Affiliate Seller Local City Name”.

Creating 500 Word or 1500 Word Articles because that Length is Perfect

How long should your content be? If you’re writing rich content, Google’s sweet spot is 1300 words. However, this doesn’t mean you should write long rambling product descriptions or your life story on the about us page, since rambling or repetitive content actually ranks poorly. Focus more on compiling quality content, regardless of its length. Put reviews and testimonials on your webpage, and seek user generated content in the form of answers about the product answered by other users.

Ignoring Website Design’s Impact on SEO

Responsive sites are essential to good SEO, since customers abandon sites that load slow. Limit your media and images to only what is necessary to sell your product or service. And don’t waste bandwidth to put stock images on your website. Don’t delay your users and risk losing them with web redirects. Bloated code is penalized not just by users but search engines, as well. The risk of bloated code is compounded by the greater odds that at least one script will error out.

If you can, add social media sharing buttons on your webpage. If you have social media sharing buttons on your page, add a call to action button asking visitors to share your page on social media unless you’re trying to convert them into buying the product today. Don’t have more than one call to action per page.

Can you think of any more SEO methods that should remain in 2020?  Let us know in the comments.

What Are Some Of The Ppc Skills You Need?

There are literally thousands of different internet marketing techniques out there, some good, some great, some terrible. One of the most effective of all, however, is pay per click (PPC). Through excellent PPC management systems, you should be able to ensure your website is found by the various search engines. However, you do have to understand how it works and be fully involved with it, which is why most people outsource this work to experts. That being said, having at least a baseline of understanding can always be beneficial.

What Is PPC Management?

Through PPC, you are able to ensure more traffic comes to your website, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. This is because all you pay for is the number of actual clicks on your advertisement. If your ad is displayed, but nobody clicks on it, you don’t have to pay for it either. To find out how much you will pay, you need to place a bid on a certain keyword phrase or even unique keyword, which will then be seen in the advertisement. This is all you pay for each click.

However, you have to make sure that this venture is properly managed. If not, you will find that a PPC campaign can get very expensive very quickly. After all, you want to make sure that the people who click on your ads, for which you pay, actually come to your site to make a purchase, or to at least consider a purchase. If, however, the wrong traffic is delivered to your site, you will have wasted your money.

The overall goal of PPC management is to make sure that the money spent on an account is used properly, by executing the overall campaign the right way. This isn’t easy and does require a lot of careful data analysis and comparative work. This is another reason why, if at all possible, you need to outsource this campaign. Even if you do have all the necessary skills and knowledge to do it yourself, do you have the time? There are so many different elements that you need to think about, check, analyze, review, and adjust, that it may be difficult to keep up. You need to make sure that you have clear oversight and that this is provided by someone with a keen eye for detail.

There are a number of automated PPC software packages that you can purchase. These certainly are helpful because they will give you some more information on how you can best manage a PPC campaign. However, they are not designed to replace the keen eye of an individual expert who will get to work specifically on your personal campaign, calculating your return on investment and acceptable click through rates. Only you can decide how you want to manage your PPC campaign, but do be aware that, if not properly managed, it will only cost you a lot of money, rather than making you any.

Plagiarism On The Internet

Plagiarism.  The dictionary defines it as the use or close imitation of language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.. [source]  But since the inception of the Internet, and more specifically, the emergence of weblogs, there has been an overly generous amount of wiggle room in how people choose (or don’t choose) to refer to things in their writing.

Knowing Better

It’s one thing to read someone else’s blog or to browse through the Internet and see something that you really find compelling and want to write about.  Heck, you may be thinking to yourself, “They say it so much better than I could even begin to, so I’ll just copy exactly what they have and call it a day.”


It still amazes me to come across a piece of information on one site, think to myself that it seems really familiar, and then realize later that the reason for this familiarity was because it was copied verbatim from another site.  It’s not that difficult to reference something.  Even if you’re unsure about the proper way to reference something on the Internet, referencing where you obtained a certain tidbit of information is MUCH better than not mentioning where you received your sudden knowledge.  It makes you look suspicious- like you’re hiding something.

Dealing with Plagiarism

Unfortunately, there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there waiting to bring you down simply because they’re too lazy to write content themselves.  If this is the case, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Examine the content of what you have written and compare it word-by-word with the content in question.
  • Send a non-threatening email, politely asking the blogger or other culprit to kindly remove the article in question from their web site.
  • Conduct a “WhoIs” lookup based on the web domain name in order to find the registrar and/or name of the web hosting company so that a formal complaint about copied content can be wagered.

Have any other advice, stories or tips about plagiarism?  We’d love to hear them!

10 Beginner But Effective Seo Techniques

If you want your website to get found, you have to engage in SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. It is possible to hire a search engine optimization company to do this work for you, but if you have only just started and you are on a budget, you won’t be able to do this. Luckily, there are quite a few things that you can do yourself. While these won’t give you the results a professional SEO company will get for you, it is an excellent way to get started and build up your resources so that you can hire an SEO company. Let’s take a look.

10 SEO Techniques You Can Implement Yourself

  1. Content marketing. You have to make sure new and relevant content is on your site at all times. You can write this yourself, by making sure that it is appealing and informative, as well as being relevant to what people are actually looking for.
  2. Attractive images and catchy headlines. People are very visual, particularly from behind a computer or smartphone screen. Your content has to look good, therefore. This can be achieved with fun images and catchy headlines.
  3. There is nothing worse than spelling and grammar mistakes. In fact, there are people out there who seek out mistakes on purpose just to make fun of people. Make sure, therefore, that you check everything for errors.
  4. Get a few guest bloggers. This isn’t necessarily something you can do yourself, or for free. However, it is much more affordable than SEO professionals and has a really good effect. Their name will immediately attract an audience to your site.
  5. Make sure your links are original. Try to write some really interesting articles, and get other websites to post them for you. Sometimes, you do have to pay for this as well. However, fees tend to be quite minimal, and you should also be able to find quite a few that don’t cost much.
  6. Work on your reputation. You have to build relationships with your customers, your suppliers, your partners and even your competition. You have to become known in person as well, so do go to conferences and more. Building a network of real people is as important as getting the digital stuff right.
  7. Help others. There are other people in the same situation as you, people who are just starting and who can’t afford a professional SEO company either. So help each other out a little bit, even if it is just by linking to each other.
  8. Crawl through your website using specially made software (many offer free trials) and see how the Google robots see it. In so doing, you can spot any problems and fix them.
  9. Have a look at your competition. What are they doing on their websites that you are not? Are they using social media in different ways than you? Are they making sudden changes to their site? While being a step ahead of them is probably impossible, making sure you do the same as they do is easy to achieve.
  10. Focus on social media. You won’t get anywhere without a Facebook and Twitter page for your site as well.

5 Serious Consequences Of A Bad Logo Design On Start Ups

A logo is the first pillar of any brand building campaign. It helps your potential clients and customers to remember your brand. But, only if it has a certain few qualities, otherwise it is just a pretty picture that no one bothers to do anything with.

Uniqueness, attractiveness and effectiveness are the most important qualities of a logo design. It has to be unique as it is your brand / business identity. It should be something good to look at, and it should have some smart idea behind it that would make people curious about it. It should communicate the message which the designer intended to deliver as effectively as possible.

What happens if a logo design doesn’t do all that? Well then it is a bad logo design. If you are a well established financially strong business you can probably undo the damage by spending more on further re-branding and redesigning a perfect logo. However, if you are a startup then there are some serious consequences of a bad logo design that you must watch for.

  1.  Brand Distortion
    A bad logo design distorts the image of your business or brand by misrepresenting it. Viewers unable to understand it would assume whatever they wanted with your logo design. Hence your brand image in their minds is distorted and you can’t help fix it.
  2.  Negative Impact
    There is nothing worse than a logo design that communicates a wrong message, something negative or evil, like racism for example, or promoting hatred or something. Of course you didn’t want to do that on purpose, but it happened and your brand image is not only distorted and disliked, sometimes people can be brutal and they might even start hating you just because you had a bad logo design.
  3.  Silent Damage
    Sometimes businesses and organizations do not even realize that they have a bad logo design which is not helping them at all. They keep using it meanwhile worrying why their promotional efforts are not paying off. This damage continues to grow until the cause is identified, but surprisingly not many businesses pay attention to their own logo and how it might be causing them the cold response.
  4.  Redesign Costs
    As a start-up, a new business, or an established small business you might have limited budget to spend on branding and marketing. Getting your logo redesigned is just an unwanted experience which would increase your promotional budget and since you had a bad experience with a cheap logo designer this time you might consider hiring someone a little more fancy, which will cost you even more.
  5.  Rebranding Costs
    As soon as you got your logo you may have gotten it printed on your business cards, your brochures or banners, posters, mugs or whatever approach you use to promote your brand. Redoing your logo design would not only cost you designer fee, it would also cost you a lot more when you start using new and improved logo on your promotional stuff. The added cost would become too high if you had already spent too much on marketing with your previous but horrible logo.

As a start-up you can avoid all this trouble by making smart choices right from the beginning. Spend some time on researching topics like design, business logo, and branding. An intelligent logo can boost your start-up’s brand image, get one in the beginning and then build your business empire on it.

Why You Need To Audit Your Website

A business’s website is greatly important to the success of the company. Nowadays, more people are searching on the internet more than ever; therefore, to be offline, or have a dodgy or unfriendly website, can be hindering

to your leads, sales and profits. Creating a user-friendly and optimized website doesn’t have to be hard, however, many business owners lack the knowledge or resources when it comes to designing and putting up a website.

If your website doesn’t seem to be pulling in enough leads and you’re unsure as to why, then conducting a content audit on your website can be ideal. If the concept is alien to you and you’re unsure how, then many companies such as Iterate Marketing, a Portland search engine optimization company, can lead you through the process. Overall, there are many benefits to conducting an audit. This is why you need to audit your website.

Offers Clarity 

There may be many reasons why your website isn’t performing as strongly as it should, and finding out the reasons why and how to conquer such challenges can be difficult. You can’t know where your business is going, or where it should be heading, if you don’t know where you are. Rather than try to improve everything, a content audit can pin point the single (or multiple) problems, so your efforts, time and money can be focussed and not wasted.

You Know Your Weaknesses (and Your Strengths)

Performing a content audit can be a painful process, however, the pros far outweigh the cons. As it assesses your website’s content, highlighting any content that is poor or offers little to no value, it also shows you your successful content. Therefore, you know what to change and what to keep, and whether large adaptions need to be made or only small tweaks. You can improve your website without thinking you have to change the whole thing.

Shows Your Relevancy

Without you realizing, your website can easily become outdated. What once worked no longer seems to be bringing in sales and profits anymore, and ensuring you stay relevant is incredibly important. The art of SEO constantly changes, and staying number one can be quite a feat. You need to have relevant keywords which are well-searched, and you need to have fresh content that is updated every now and then. A content audit can identify any content that has holes, and it can point out any content that needs to be removed entirely.

Teaches You What to Look Out For

A content audit will be able to show you what to look out for – however, for any future website changes, you’ll have a better knowledge of what to look out for and what not to overlook. You’ll want to consider your website’s:

  • URLs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Internal and external links
  • Comments
  • Mega-titles, keywords and descriptions
  • Social buttons
  • Page names
  • On-page copy

Keep a note of the above while your content audit is in the process of evaluating your website. Make sure you remember everything you learn, so the process doesn’t have to be so arduous the next time.

Once you’ve finished your audit, it’s time to evaluate the analysis. Define the gaps and problems and make the changes. Strengthen your website with a content audit.